Financial Justice Programme workshops in Kerry

Financial Justice Ireland CPD Programme with NEWKD on Instructional Design for Community Education on Economic Justice

Summary : The purpose of the project is to support participants to design and deliver economic & financial justice training to a group of service users they work with and ultimately that you can use the economic justice perspective in your work in the future .

The 6 step programme outline is attached along with an overview and can be tweaked to suit the group as this is a collaborative project .The programme is free ,will require a time commitment and will be delivered over 6 weeks during the day starting in September.


In collaboration with Financial Justice Ireland, Newkd are developing a pilot” Train the Trainer” programme in Economic and Financial Justice focussed in the Newkd Area of Kerry.

By Economic Justice we refer to :

The fact that the global economic model and how it manifests itself in the majority of countries perpetuates financial inequalities

The gaps between the rich and the poor are increasing along with the amount of wealth controlled by the top 10%.


Financial Justice Ireland  are an NGO who work to inform and empower people to be better informed as regards economic justice. They help to empower people through capacity building, using a development education model to engage in activism for a fairer society and to be better informed as regards policy decisions being made by decision making bodies .


Next Steps

If you are interested to find out more can you please confirm this asap  by email asap and thereafter I will arrange a zoom with FJI whereby they can take you and others through the programme in more detail

Also feel free to call to have a chat to if you have initial questions .

There is still a small number of places available .If you are interested or require more information contact


Financial Justice Ireland CPD Programme Schedule and course outline

FJI NEWKD CPD programme Summer 2024