The TEAM Project’s main objective is to support and assist participants in recovery from addiction in gaining access to training and education enabling them to develop their personal, social and work related skills to enable them to participate fully in community and working life. The CE scheme works as part of an inter-agency approach including the DSP, HSE and other addiction services, Drugs Task Force and the Education and Training Board.

Participants continue to engage with addiction services to support their recovery while completing their CE placement by taking part in group and individual learning opportunities afforded to them in line with the framework for a CE Social Inclusion Drug Rehabilitation Scheme.

The aims of the scheme are individualised depending on the future goals of the participant. The main aim is to improve the participants’ life by:

  • Encouraging health and well-being.
  • Supplying access to training and education.
  • Sourcing relevant work placements and work experience.
  • Supporting progression to further education and/or employment.

Contact us:

Daniel O’Shea – CE Supervisor –

Contact number 087 1711244

Joanne Kelly Walsh –  CE Supervisor  –

Contact number 087 0523288

Nola Hellstrom –  CE Assistant Supervisor –

Contact number 087 7725975